Where Should I Position A Bird Feeder for My Kitty’s Entertainment?

Cats are natural hunters, and there’s no denying the fascination they have with birds. If you’re looking to provide your feline friend
with some entertainment, setting up a bird feeder can be a fantastic idea.
However, finding the right location for the bird feeder is crucial for your cat’s enjoyment and the safety of the visiting birds.
In this guide, we’ll explore the ideal positions to place a bird feeder for your kitty’s entertainment.

Bird Feeder Placement

1. Window View

Placing a bird feeder near a window allows your cat to watch the birds up close without the risk of them being harmed. Cats love to perch on windowsills and observe the feathered visitors.

2. Elevated Spots

Install the bird feeder on an elevated platform or hook to ensure that your cat can’t reach it. This provides a safe distance for observation without posing a threat to the birds.

3. Garden Oasis

If you have a garden, consider placing the bird feeder near a tree or shrub. Cats can hide in foliage while keeping a close eye on the birds.

4. Safe Distance

Ensure that the bird feeder is at least 5 to 6 feet away from any surfaces your cat can jump from. This prevents your cat from pouncing on the birds.

Types of Bird Feeders

5. Suction Cup Feeders

Window-mounted suction cup feeders are excellent for close-up viewing. Your cat can enjoy birdwatching from the comfort of your home.

6. Hanging Feeders

Hanging feeders are a great choice for gardens. Hang them high enough to keep the birds safe from your cat’s reach.

7. Pole-Mounted Feeders

Pole-mounted feeders can be placed in open spaces, making it more challenging for your cat to ambush the birds.

8. Multiple Feeders

Consider setting up multiple bird feeders in different locations to attract a variety of birds. This adds to your cat’s entertainment.

Safety Measures

9. Collar Bells

Attach a small bell to your cat’s collar. The jingling sound can alert birds and give them a chance to escape if your cat gets too close.

10. Regular Supervision

Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior around the bird feeder. If you notice aggressive stalking, it may be best to relocate the feeder.

11. Bird-Friendly Plants

Plant bird-friendly shrubs and flowers around the feeder area to provide birds with cover and escape routes.

12. Feeder Height

Adjust the height of the feeder to ensure that birds have a clear line of sight to potential predators (like your cat).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I place the bird feeder indoors for my cat?
A: It’s best to position the bird feeder outdoors to allow birds to visit naturally. Indoor bird feeders may stress the birds.

Q: What types of birds are most entertaining for cats to watch?
A: Small, colorful birds like finches, sparrows, and chickadees are often the most captivating for cats.

Q: Should I provide food for the birds in the feeder?
A: Yes, filling the feeder with birdseed or suet will attract birds and keep them coming back for your cat’s entertainment.

Q: How can I prevent other wildlife, like squirrels, from eating the birdseed?
A: Invest in squirrel-proof feeders or use baffles to deter unwanted visitors.

Q: Is it cruel to tease my cat with the birds?
A: While it’s natural for cats to be interested in birds, ensure that your cat cannot physically harm the birds.

Q: Can I train my cat to be less aggressive towards the birds?
A: You can try redirecting your cat’s attention with toys when they become too focused on the birds.


Positioning a bird feeder for your kitty’s entertainment can provide hours of joy for both your cat and you.
By choosing the right location and taking safety precautions, you can create a stimulating environment without endangering the visiting birds.
So, go ahead and set up that bird feeder—it’s a delightful way to keep your cat entertained while respecting the wildlife around your home.

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